"Our homebuilding process was very smooth and enjoyable. We were kept well informed during the entire construction process and always felt welcome to visit the jobsite. Having heard horror stories of builders who are tough to reach, we appreciated being able to reach Bob & Jeff directly with questions (and we had LOTS of questions) and concerns. We were always treated with respect and patience and our involvement was always encouraged."
- Kelly & Kristi Murphy

"We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for making the homebuilding experience so delightful and painless. In our personal opinion, the “Brau Building Team” is comprised of a highly professional and proficient staff that is to be commended for their customer service, attention to detail, diligence and patience, communication, coordination, commitment and their personal touch. We will not hesitate to recommend “Brau Builders” to any of our friends and acquaintances."
- Kevin & Cecilia Padilla

"I really appreciate working with people who are willing to go the little extra to please their customer. After working with so many contractors whose only concern is getting the job done as fast as possible and getting out, it’s nice to work with people who really have an interest in seeing the job done right."
- Robert Parmley